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We are one of the leading
snack manufactures in Thailand.

Tang Kim Heng Group is one of the leading snack manufacturers in Thailand that have, for over 30 years, produced and
distributed premium quality snack products nationwide. Since its establishment in 1980, there currently are seven subsidiaries:

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  • Kim Heng Food Products Co., Ltd.

    Kim Heng Food is the country’s biggest jelly manufacturer under the “Jele” brand, as well as our competing jelly brand “Daiyamoto”.

  • Sri Siam Food Products Co., Ltd.

    Sri Siam Food is one of the biggest biscuit manufacturers in Thailand, who produces biscuits and wafers products of more than 30 kinds.

  • Siam Daily Foods Co., Ltd.

    Siam Daily Foods is the manufacturer of popular seafood snack brand “Bento”.

  • Siam Rachaburi Industry Co., Ltd.

    Siam Rachaburi Food is Tang Kim Heng Group’s lastest factory to produce various drinks under the brand “Magic Farm”.

  • V.S. Foods Marketing Co., Ltd.

    V.S. Foods Marketing Co., Ltd. distribute biscuits and wafers products by Tang Kim Heng Group, as well as provide marketing and distribution services for other manufacturers and importers.

  • Srinanaporn Marketing Co., Ltd.

    Srinanaporn Marketing Co., Ltd. is another marketing and distribution company for myriad products by Kim Heng, Siam Daily and Siam Rachaburi through over 20,000 distribution channels nationwide by both traditional and modern trade.

  • S.N.N.P. INtertrade Co., Ltd.

    S.N.N.P. Intertrade Co., Ltd. is the exclusive exporter of Tang Kim Heng Group products throughout the world.